Opening your eyes to Graffiti Artists

I am always on the lookout for new talent. Regardless of the discipline or style of art. One artist that a reader of this blog recommended I take a look at was actually a graffiti artist. If I’m honest, I’ve never had much of an interest in street art. I’ve always seen it more on the side of vandalism, than an art form. However, I pride myself on being open minded and in this instance I am pleased to say that graffiti seems to have come a long way.

Tom is an artist that specialises in doing commissions. Indeed, a whole host of well known companies have commissioned him to come and tag their offices, events and even shops! It just goes to show you how much has changed for this art form.

graffiti warehouse


To learn more about graffiti, I would recommend looking into the work of banksy.

Learning more about watercolour illustration

I’ve never been particularly well versed in watercolour illustration, I’ve always found myself more drawn to pop art and other mediums. That being said though. I have really developed an appreciation for watercolour art and how artists are able to achieve so much, with so little.

In particular, the work of a London based watercolour illustrator named Holly Exley has grabbed my attention. You can see her brilliant work for yourself over on her blog here.

Her work speaks for itself and could do a much better job of highlighting her talent than my writing, I strongly suggest that you take a look for yourself.